About Me

Hi! I am Diana, a 40ish, curvyish woman living in beautiful Charlottesville, VA. I created More Me Than Ever because I wanted a space to chronicle my journey in finding my personal style, to document my travels, and to explore blogging as a creative space.  I know little about style or fashion.  I like clothes. I have pieces that I love and on most days I look fine and feel pretty good. I have just never really taken the time to figure out what I really love and what works best for me, my body, and my life.

And I am ready to explore this in my body as it is now…today. Not when I lose 10, 15, or 30 lbs. Or when I am X size. I am tired of pushing against my weight and instead want to embrace myself as I am right in this moment.

I have a lot to learn and more to experience. I am the girl who recently googled “How to walk confidently in high heels without injuring myself” (note- I did it and it felt great). I have, too often,  given into baggy pants and big shirts on days I feel chubby.  I went through an all black phase. I shop at good will and high end boutiques. I wish people didn’t wear PJ’s out in public, but I also get the appeal, but more so wish it just was not a thing. I am not 100% sure that I know my current bra size (seriously) and I tend to go more for comfort rather than ‘style’ but I would like to find a mix of both that works for me.

I have recently discovered the modern world of plus size clothing and it is no longer the frumpy crap that seems to have been the norm for a long time. Rather companies are realizing that larger women (and men I’d imagine) want to look and feel f’ing fantastic!  I was thrilled to see that this is happening and excited to jump into this world.

I see this blog as a way document my journey in living a healthy and happy life and feeling beautiful inside and out.

Welcome to my little part of the blogging world!  I am thrilled that you are here.
Much Love, D xo