Gwynnie Bee: October 2016

My second month of Gwynnie Bee was a bit of a revolving door (for a reminder on what Gwynnie Bee is see here or here). My fault really,  as I was just guessing at sizes and kept getting this that did not fit. SO, not shocking.  I would say that precision is not my strong suit,  but really it is often patience. In this case, I could not find the tape measure so I just guessed. Multiple times. However, after getting the second shipment of clothes that were not quite right I found the damn tape measure took my damn measurements.

Here they are:

Bust: 46 1/2 in
Waist: 43-45 in

Hips: 51-53 in

** Variability b/c just a wee little movement of the measure matters on my body

And, wudda ya know- It worked.

 All this sizing shenanigans aside,  GB has a great section for finding your shape and each piece does have size charting.

Here’s a sample of the clothes that I received but they did not fit quite right. I was not able to snap pics of me in these pieces as I wanted to return then ASAP to get something that I could use and wear.

I loved this tunic dress, but the one I received was too small. It’s still in my virtual closet so maybe I will get it again. The colors are great for fall.

These jeans were too big and too long

This top came too small and in general the colors were not great IMO.

I then received these two pieces and really liked them both. I had planned to wear the black top on a trip to Charleston to see my family but a hurricane happened. I ended up sending that piece back to try something different as I did not have anything planned that it would be appropriate for. But I really liked it!

I also liked the V corset for something fun and different but again no upcoming events to wear it to. But it was cute.

This dress was the next piece I received and I loved it. I loved the neutral color combination. When I initially put it on it felt a little big and frumpy. It just needed some belting love. I wore this several times to work and out and about but did not end up keeping it. I really want to use this service to try new styles so I (reluctantly) sent it back.

This geometric beauty was the other winner for this month. It is brighter than the tones I usually gravitate to but I got several nice compliments on this dress. I had a lot of fun wearing this and wore it on two occasions- both work related.


I am continuing to really enjoy using Gwynnie Bee to add variety to my outfits and try new styles. A whole lot of fun!!

With Love, From Diana xoxo

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Gwynnie Bee: My First Month

What if you could have an ever changing wardrobe?  Imagine having a few classic pieces and others that you could wear once or twice or even never and then send back with no commitment, no cleaning, and no worries! And if you love something you can buy it at discount.

Enter Gwynnie Bee, a clothing rental service for sizes 10-32. They offer a month free trial and then you can choose to subscribe to have one ($45), two ($69), or three ($95) items out at a time. There are options for more but these are the basics and most popular plans. It’s kind of like Netflix for clothes.

One thing that appeals to me about GB is that it will allow me to try styles that I may not typically wear. It also appeals to my (sort of) minimalist side.

Once you join you can look through their site and add items to your virtual closet. They encourage you to have at least 25 items in your closet and you can prioritize certain items. So far,  I have received one prioritized item with each shipment (it helps if you have multiple items prioritized). You can keep the items as long as you want. I have kept most out 1-2 weeks, bought one item, and sent one directly back that I did not like on me. They also offer a styling service (included in the subscription price) but I have not taken advantage of this yet.

I do not have pictures of the first three items but the links are below if you are interested.  The first is a printed shift dress that I loved but I did not keep it as it was pricey at $79. The second is an empire waist paisley shirt that I liked a lot but did not love. The third was a black asymmetrical hem top that was just way too big so it went back.

The next two items I received were a red and white floral peasant top and a pair of boot cut jeans.

City Chic Bootleg Jeans (I Really wish these had worked!!)

I loved the peasant top and it was my first Gwynnie Bee purchase for $38. I have already worn it a few times. Cute. Comfortable. Versatile. Check, check, check!

I wore this outfit to work. Felt good in this and very comfy.
I wore this outfit to work. Felt good in this and very comfy.

Pants: Athena Marie Bootcut Tummy Control Pants from Steinmart (I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pants and a steal for $29.99)

Bag: Purchased in Germany from an Individual Boutique

Shoes: Josef Seibel I bought these when I was living in Germany. Here is a similar style from Zappos

I really wanted to like the jeans (I REALLY need some jeans) but they were too long so back they went.

Peasant Top and City Chic Jeans
Peasant Top and City Chic Jeans

I am happy with Gwynnie Bee thus far. There have been more hits than misses and I am excited about my next month of revolving fashion!

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