Dia & Co: Third Unboxing

Hi Y’all!! I received my third Dia & Co Box about 3 weeks ago, but with the holidays, travel, and a wee little bit of a dislocated finger I am just getting around to posting.

After the last box, I asked my stylist for some leggings and a warm, chunky sweater if possible (hence the sweater reference in her note).  I do love that with Dia & Co I have worked with only one stylist,  and that over time she will get to know my preferences. Pretty great. She did a really great job with this box, even though I did not keep everything.

Also, sorry for the picture quality. Due to work travel I only had about a day to decide what I wanted to keep (you get 5 days but my box arrived when I was out of town so what I did not want had to go back ASAP).

Here goes:


They do a nice job with the unboxing experience. Always fun to see what the box has (also side note you CAN, if you want, see what’s in your box before you get it by looking on your account). BUT,  what is the fun in that 🙂
The price points in this box were pretty good for the most part. I will say that I would have to really love or really need an item (or both) to spend upwards of $100 for one piece…..
That said…I LOVED this dress. I am finding that I am more comfortable wearing prints and this dress was so much fun. Very Mad Men, right? I liked the cut of this dress a lot however the size was a little big so an exchange would be needed.
Now, all that said….I decided not to keep it as I just did not see myself wearing it that often. I felt it was a bit too much for work, and though we do social things pretty often, they are usually pretty casual and dressy events are kind of few and far between. Believe me….I tried every mental tactic to try to justify this dress. I almost fell back on my “I LOVE this” rule, but ultimately (and with Christmas and lots of fun travel coming up) I sent it back. Bye bye my sweet, funky, fun friend.
It was suggested by my stylist to try these two items together. I did not like the style of the grey shirt on me,  but I did really like the green skinny jeans. The color and tighter fit are both a little outside of my comfort zone. I went for it none the less and kept them.
Pic is not the best but they are a bit of a yellowish green and pretty fabulous.
I really liked this Cornelia Blouse and paired it with my Pintuck Ponte Maroon pants from Cato to try it on. I loved it and this has been worn to work a few times already.
This skirt! Oye…I went back and forth on this skirt. Pros- the color (beautiful red),  I loved the fit at the waist, it was slimming (I think), and lots of great colors that it could be paired with. The cons- I did not like the length and would have had to get it hemmed a little (just my taste) and ultimately, it came back to the question of how often would I wear this. Work…maybe but still feels pretty dressy. Out…maybe but how often?  So…it went back.


There we are my friends. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with love, family, warmth, laughter, and, of course delicious food!

With love, From Diana xoxoxoxoxo

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Dia & Co: October 2016 Unboxing

This post is a wee little bit late,  as I received my second Dia & Co box in early October and my November box is sitting on my desk as I write this. No matter. The items that my stylist, Devon-Marie,  put together for me was amazing! I had a lot of fun trying everything on and deciding what to keep. I did not keep everything in this box but loved the items I did keep and really enjoyed even trying the ones I did not. They always give me ideas of outfits to try or new ways to wear certain styles or pieces.
So the box…..The items in this box hit a lower price point in general than my first box. And everything was still beautiful quality. Score!!
Items in box, Prices, and applied Discount if all items purchased
I liked this denim shirt and it’s cute with this olive midi skirt. However, I had just purchased a denim shirt and I am trying to stick to only keeping things that I really love or really need.
Olive midi with Denim
Olive midi with Denim

The midi skirt….can we talk midi’s for a sec. I am becoming convinced that I just may not know how to wear them. That said this combo is the one my stylist suggested and it’s nice but I did not love it. The belt helped but ultimately decided not to keep it….and alas the is another midi skirt in my Novemebr box and I love the color. So I have decided I am going to figure this midi skirt thing out! If anyone has any tips please let me know.

Next up…the red skater dress. I knew I would love before even trying it on. I! Love! This! Dress! It will be perfect for the holidays and beyond and as I am such a big fan of clothes that will dress up or down and be appropriate for work or going out. Well, I am in love with this dress and it’s in my closet right now itching to get worn.


This moto jacket was a total winner. I love love love it and have already worn it multiple times for both work and play. A definite yes!



The final item Devon-Marie sent me was this necklace. I did like it with this dress and was leaning towards keeping it but the clasp broke so back it went. Which ultimately was ok as I did not love it or really need it. It just matched the dress well so ultimately best that I did not keep it.


I was very happy with the pieces added to my closet from this months box. I spent about $90 on the two items I kept and feel this was money well spent. I am learning that I will need to be somewhat disciplined doing this, as to keep ALL the item would have only been about $50 more dollars but it’s not about quantity right? So, I felt great about my decisions and love having Dia & Co help me to continue to define my style.

With Love, From Diana xoxoxoxo
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Dia & Co: My First Unboxing

Hi Y’all! I had a deal going with myself for a while that if I lost a certain amount of weight I would get a Stitch Fix subscription. I believe that Stitch Fix styles up to size 14 and I have been hanging at 16/18 for a while. Seriously, why wait!

Enter, Dia & Co., a plus size subscription styling company.

I was excited to start this service and looking at their site, Insta feed, Facebook, etc, they are committed to women embracing who they are no matter what size. I really value this!

When you sign up for a Dia & Co account they lead you through an extensive survey of style and fashion questions in order to get a good gauge of what you like or not. You have a say in what you would like to receive by vetoing items you are absolutely not interested in, putting emphasis on what you’d love, and everything in between. You can even give them full reign and just be totally surprised.

There is a $20 styling fee which is waived if you keep anything in the box and if you keep everything in the box you get an additional 20% discount. They also provide a prepaid envelop to mail back anything that you do not want to keep. There is no commitment to keep anything sent to you.

After filling out my survey I put this little blurb about myself:

I am in my 40’s and still feel like I am trying to figure out my style. I am starting to see
that I like to wear things that mix casual with a little edgy. For example,
a cocktail dress with a leather jacket. I am starting to experiment more with prints,
and am trying to work more skirts and dresses into my wardrobe. I have  1000 t-shirts.
I like both neutrals and color and often wear a neutral base and a bright purse, jewelry, or jacket.
I also added this on a different page:
Right now my favorite brands are Mod Cloth, J.Jill for basics
(skirts and basic shirts but don’t love their clothes in general), Eloqui, Simply be,
and I do well at Target. I love Anthropologie but they have few plus size items.
I used to like Loft but as I get older I am finding their clothes boring.
I am a physician and work a lot,  but I like having comfort and style while I work.
In my off time I hike a lot, spend time with my husband and friends, travel,
and run errands.

There was an additional section that ask you for any specific needs and they would try to work that into your box-I asked for jeans.

I was very excited for my first box to arrive. Like a kid IN a candy store ON Christmas morning excited!!
My box arrived about a week after I initially signed up for the service. I was thrilled with the content and can tell my stylist and I will have a very good relationship.


My box stuffed with excitement:


Lovely Initial Presentation:


A personalized letter from my stylist. And I received a pair of jeans!! I really liked that they also discussed suggestions for how to wear your items.


Here is my itemized list of items, prices, and what it would cost if I buy everything. At this point I have only paid $20 which I will get back if I purchase anything from the box. The 20% discount is if I keep everything.


This is how it looked right out of the wrapping:


I am going to include several photos. The first were taken the night I got the box! So excited to try everything and the photos outside were taken by my supremely talented husband.

The first item I tried on was the Chetta B. Red dress. My face in this photo does not do justice to how much I love this dress. I felt classy!! This is not something that I would likely pick for myself. My only concern is that it would not get the wear it deserves. I don’t usually dress up this much for work and only go to dressy events a few times a year. But I would be ready with this dress!

These are the Love & Legend skinny jeans paired with a Mossimo top from Target. I LOVED these. Felt like they were made for me.
Skinny Jeans with a Mossimo Top
This is an attempt at a close up of the necklace they sent me. How did Dia & Co know that I absolutely love turquoise!
My husband took the below pictures outside a few days later and it helped me decide what to keep (though, let’s be real- I was a goner for the jeans and sweater!)
I ultimately decided to keep the jeans, sweater, and the necklace. While I love the dress and clutch, for my job it’s a bit too much and I felt it would not get worn.
I am thrilled about adding these pieces to my closet and cannot wait for my next box.
With Love, From Diana xo
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