Experiments in Belting

Incorporating belts in my wardrobe is a new thing for me. I do remember one outfit I had with a belt that I liked,  but for most of my life have avoided belts as a fashion accessory. I never felt very comfortable in them and felt insecure.

However, recently I have come to see that I actually like accenting my waist- much love to my full on days of tunics and leggings- but in general I see I am moving a bit more towards more fitted clothing and feel good wearing them.

My real push towards incorporating a belt into my wardrobe was that I received a dress from Gwynnie Bee that I really liked, but it felt a little frumpy without some more definition. I decided to order these two belts from Eloqui and loved the resulting look of the dress.



My initial thought was that I would keep only one however after experimenting a little bit with other outfits I will keep and use both. Here are a few other looks that I have been experimenting with using belts. img_7473






I am now on the look out for a brown belt to wear with more casual styles.

How do you incorporate belts into your style?

With Love, From Diana xoxo

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1 Comment

  1. Hi
    Love belt on the floral dress and over tha white blouse
    Have you tried a drape style belt??
    Or hip belts?
    I wear them on occasion with sweater style dresses that are tulip skirted
    You look great Diana