Dia & Co: October 2016 Unboxing

This post is a wee little bit late,  as I received my second Dia & Co box in early October and my November box is sitting on my desk as I write this. No matter. The items that my stylist, Devon-Marie,  put together for me was amazing! I had a lot of fun trying everything on and deciding what to keep. I did not keep everything in this box but loved the items I did keep and really enjoyed even trying the ones I did not. They always give me ideas of outfits to try or new ways to wear certain styles or pieces.
So the box…..The items in this box hit a lower price point in general than my first box. And everything was still beautiful quality. Score!!
Items in box, Prices, and applied Discount if all items purchased
I liked this denim shirt and it’s cute with this olive midi skirt. However, I had just purchased a denim shirt and I am trying to stick to only keeping things that I really love or really need.
Olive midi with Denim
Olive midi with Denim

The midi skirt….can we talk midi’s for a sec. I am becoming convinced that I just may not know how to wear them. That said this combo is the one my stylist suggested and it’s nice but I did not love it. The belt helped but ultimately decided not to keep it….and alas the is another midi skirt in my Novemebr box and I love the color. So I have decided I am going to figure this midi skirt thing out! If anyone has any tips please let me know.

Next up…the red skater dress. I knew I would love before even trying it on. I! Love! This! Dress! It will be perfect for the holidays and beyond and as I am such a big fan of clothes that will dress up or down and be appropriate for work or going out. Well, I am in love with this dress and it’s in my closet right now itching to get worn.


This moto jacket was a total winner. I love love love it and have already worn it multiple times for both work and play. A definite yes!



The final item Devon-Marie sent me was this necklace. I did like it with this dress and was leaning towards keeping it but the clasp broke so back it went. Which ultimately was ok as I did not love it or really need it. It just matched the dress well so ultimately best that I did not keep it.


I was very happy with the pieces added to my closet from this months box. I spent about $90 on the two items I kept and feel this was money well spent. I am learning that I will need to be somewhat disciplined doing this, as to keep ALL the item would have only been about $50 more dollars but it’s not about quantity right? So, I felt great about my decisions and love having Dia & Co help me to continue to define my style.

With Love, From Diana xoxoxoxo

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