Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

“In Any Given Moment We Have Two Options: To Step Forward Into Growth or Backwards Into Safety”

– Abraham Maslow


For me, at least today, this involved stepping into a pencil skirt and a crop top and  outside my comfort zone of clothing. Likely not what Maslow had in mind.  Whatever. I just made my first purchase from Forever 21! The only person that I know  that shops at Forever 21 is my sister, Gabby, who is 24. I had thought that F21 was style for those 15 to MAYBE 26. Wrong my friends- turns out that the Forever 21 plus line is extensive, affordable, a bit daring, but also totally accessible for any age. You heard me right- any age!

This Pencil Skirt in Rust and this Crochet Top in Mustard  were my purchases.  The top is listed under ‘Cropped’. Not my usual, as I do not typically wear tighter clothes and a crop top-um never-  but I had a vision mixed with a little  ‘What the hell’! AND it was 50% off. With the skirt coming in at $11.90 and the top at about $10 it was a go. I ordered the top one size larger to give me a little length.  Honestly, I am also a little suspect of the quality and how these clothes will hold up over time.

I thought that I could wear this as a cute casual outfit paired with a jean jacket for the fall , or pairing the pencil skirt with a button down top and blazer for work.


Here was my first try on of that combo with a jean jacket from Ann Taylor Loft. I really like the color combo. It does feel tighter and more revealing than what I typically wear. The top is shorter but IMO not cropped (no midriff showing here). I think for me to feel my best in this outfit I am going to try out some shape ware to tuck in my tummy and smooth my legs over.





Here is the same outfit with shapeware for tummy and leg shaping  (P.S. I LOVE shareware…today’s shape wear is not your Grandma’s Girdle 🙂 ).


In general I am happy with my first Forever 21 Plus purchase. This outfit does feel a little less ‘safe’ for me but also really good! I am excited to try more from Forever 21 Plus. Maybe, one day, I’ll be brave enough to let that midriff show- just a little!


Have you ever tried Forever 21 Plus? What did you think?


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